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The Docks were a location seen in A Quiet Place Part II when Regan and Emmett were searching for the island.


The docks are on the waters of the ocean, and there are abandoned boats there were people live.


A Quiet Place Part II

Regan and Emmett find the docks after Emmett tells Regan he found a boat to the island. The pair arrive at the docks at night and Emmett finds a small child at the docks. Pitying her, Emmett follows the child until it ties rope around his neck with empty bottles attached to it, supposedly to attract a Death Angel to eat him. The people there try to scavenge Emmett and Regan for supplies when Emmett signs "dive" to Regan in ASL. As soon as Regan dives into the water, Emmett attacks his captors, drawing a Death Angel to the docks. Before heading to the island on a boat, Regan and Emmett find that Death Angels cannot swim.