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Ronnie was a minor character in the 2021 film A Quiet Place: Part II. He was portrayed by Okierete Onadowan. He only appears in the opening sequence, a flashback to the day the Death Angels invaded Earth.


A Quiet Place: Part II

Ronnie is shown in the opening sequence, and is tasked with investigating the mysterious object that crash-landed on Earth. He then approaches Lee Abbott and informs him that more units including EMS and the Fire Department are headed out around by Walker's Farm to examine the situation. As Lee begins to walk away, a creature attacks the town by ramming into Ronnie's police cruiser, flipping it before crashing into a nearby store just as the officer ducked in cover while Lee ran back to his pickup truck.

A while later, Ronnie witnesses as Lee and Regan run from a creature after fleeing a bar. He fires his gun at the creature to distract it from attacking Lee and Regan. However, the creature turned his attention towards the officer and kills him.


  • Ronnie is simply credited as "Police Officer" in the end credits.