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Regan Abbott is a main character in the 2018 film A Quiet Place and the 2021 sequel film A Quiet Place: Part II. She is portrayed by Millicent Simmonds.

Regan is a seventeen-year-old girl. She's described as loving art and machines and has a confident outgoing personality. She frequently puts others before herself and has a streak of stubbornness. Furthermore, she's smart and adapts easily, facing challenges without hesitation.

Regan is deaf and uses American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate with her family. This proves essential to the Abbott's survival in a world where sound can mean death. Regan's coming-of-age character arc centers around grief, trauma, and learning to embrace her Deafness.


A Quiet Place

While her parents are scavenging for medication and supplies, Regan catches a toy rocket from falling to the ground that her four-year-old brother Beau is playing with. Their father Lee carefully removes the batteries and places the rocket out of reach. The family leaves the abandoned store, but when no one is looking, Regan secretly gives Beau back the toy without the batteries. Unknowing to Regan, Beau pockets the batteries. On their walk home, Beau turns on the rocket making a loud piercing noise. Regan moves when she sees her father's horrified expression, but it's too late for anyone to save Beau. He's snatched and killed by a creature.

A year later, Regan still blames herself for Beau’s death, and her relationship with her father has grown tenuous. She begins to believe her deafness makes her a dangerous liability to those around her and that this is the reason she couldn't save Beau. This idea is fed by Lee's refusal to let her prove herself capable of helping him and his fixation on making her a working cochlear implant. Feeling confined by her father, she leaves home to visit her brother's grave. She’s incapable of moving on or processing the loss of Beau, and instead chooses to punish herself by isolating herself from those she loves. She feels rejected, abandoned, and unloved. Despite the shared language of ASL, she is unable to communicate her feelings to Lee, and he refuses to engage with her. Regan spends the afternoon at Beau's grave, where she leaves the same toy shuttle that resulted in his death.

Regan returns home after seeing fireworks in the sky, a warning signal that her family is in extreme danger. On her way home, one of the creatures stands just a few feet away. However, her hearing aid produces some kind of high-pitched frequency that scares the creature off, but also inflicts a fair amount of pain on Regan as well. After reuniting with Marcus, the two get on top of one of the silos and light a fire to catch their father's attention, but the flames die out and Marcus falls into the silo. She jumps into a corn silo without hesitation and nearly drowns rescuing her brother. Despite her feelings of abandonment, she is still willing to sacrifice herself for her family. Regan's cochlear implant processor becomes the key to defeating the monsters, as the electric signals create a painful feedback loop only they and Regan can feel. When one of the creatures attacks them inside the silo, the frequency from her hearing aid sends it running.

Regan and Marcus exit the silo and reunite with their father, who sends them to hide in the abandoned truck while he fends off the creature with an axe. However, Lee is slashed across the chest before the creature turns its attention to Regan and Marcus, slamming up against the truck with great force. In his final moments, Lee pulls himself up and screams out loud to distract the creature from his kids, but not before telling Regan that he loves her and that he always has. After the creature charges towards their father and kills him, Marcus takes the truck out of park, and it rolls down the hill to the house, where they run into the arms of their mother.

The Abbotts seek refuge in the basement, where Regan examines her father's notes on the creatures and on his experimentation with several different implants, which bring tears to her eyes. When a creature then makes its way into the basement, Regan realizes that the high-pitched frequency from her hearing aid is the creatures' weakness. She turns it on, causing harm both to herself and the creature. Regan then places the boosted implant on a nearby microphone to magnify the feedback. Painfully disoriented, the creature exposes the flesh beneath its armored head and renders itself vulnerable to a shotgun blast from Evelyn. And while they've managed to kill one, the sound of the gunfire draws more creatures in their direction.

A Quiet Place: Part II

Regan and Marcus follow their mother out of the basement. As their mother goes into the barn to retrieve the baby's air tank while Regan heads back into the basement to retrieve a large speaker, which she intends to use as a frequency amplifier to fend off the creatures, as well as her father's map, which indicates the last known locations of human life. Regan gets on top of the grain silo and lights a fire as her father would in hopes of a response. As luck would have it, a single fire peers over the mountain. And so, the Abbotts venture beyond the sand path to seek refuge with whoever lit the flame.

They walk miles before arriving at a rail yard, where they trip a booby trap, and Marcus is caught in a bear trap. Between the two incidents, a creature is attracted to the noise. Regan turns on the speaker. Partnered with her implant, she creates a high-pitched frequency that causes the creature enough pain to make it vulnerable long enough for Evelyn to shoot the creature in the head. They are then saved by Emmett and taken into the basement and hide inside a steel, soundproof bunker.

Later that evening, "Beyond the Sea" begins playing over the radio, though they've never heard it before. Emmett explains that it's been playing on repeat for the last four months. Regan is convinced that it's a message from someone -- that they must travel across the sea. However, Emmett tells them that there is nothing left and that the song isn't a message or signal of any kind. During the late hours of the night, Regan awakens Marcus from his sleep and leads him into the bunker, where she tells him about her plan to go beyond the sea as the song says in search of help or possibly a community. However, Marcus refuses to leave and attempts to convince Regan to not go through with her plan.

The following day, Regan leaves on her own. Regan follows the train tracks to the station, where she finds a stalled train filled with bodies of the deceased. She makes her way to the front, where she recovers a first aid kit. However, in doing so, she makes a bit of noise, which attracts a nearby creature, which makes its way into the train. Evelyn turns on the speaker to weaken the creature before shooting at it, though her aim is off, and she only manages to graze it. As the creature charges towards her, Emmett shoots it in the head from behind and rescues Regan. The two then rush back to the station and take cover, as the gunshot has alerted the other creatures. Emmett tries to convince her to come back with him, but she refuses. Instead, she convinces him to join her on her journey across the sea.

Regan and Emmett arrive at the Marina, where they are attacked by a group of scroungy-looking men who take an interest in Regan, ripping off her shirt and removing her implant. They grab Regan and take her back to the ship. However, Emmett instructs her to dive into the water. When she does so, Emmett attacks one of the men with the net connected to the rope that's wrapped around his neck. He uses the net to hold the man in place long enough for the creature to attack. Emmett then jumps into the water. Regan comes through on a boat and pulls Emmett out of the water. He opens his mouth and reveals to Regan that he has her implant.

Regan and Emmett cross the sea to an island, where they find a community of people enjoying life, seemingly untouched by the creatures. They are greeted by an island man. Emmett then returns Regan's implant and apologizes for ever doubting Regan.

When one of the creatures makes its way to the island on a boat, Regan, Emmett, and the island man get in a car and draw the creature away. When they reach the radio station, the island man is killed. Regan and Emmett creep through the radio station so as not to draw the attention of the creature. Regan makes her way over the counter and into the main office, where the equipment is located. She turns on the broadcast signal uses her hearing aid to create a high-pitched frequency that is transmitted both towards the creature in front her of as well as all the radios within a distance of the broadcast. Regan then takes a lead pipe and crushes the creature over the head.


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