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Lee Abbott is one of the main characters in the 2018 film A Quiet Place. He was portrayed by the film's director and co-screenwriter John Krasinski.

Lee is the husband of Evelyn Abbott and the father of Marcus, Regan, Beau, and an unnamed infant.


Lee is intelligent, resourceful, and determined above all else to protect his family. Lee is a naturally introverted character, but he truly begins to disappear into himself after the loss of his four-year-old son Beau. He internalizes his grief, putting his effort towards preparing for the birth of his fourth child. While he does not blame his daughter Regan for the death of Beau, he is unable to separate her from the memory of what happened.

Lee is a role model for his children Marcus and Regan, doing his best to pass his knowledge of survival on to them.


A Quiet Place

Lee returns to the pharmacy, where his family has begun to scavenge for medication for Marcus, who is ill. On their way home, they discover that Beau has taken the toy shuttle from the store with him and sounded the alarm on the toy. This draws the attention of a nearby creature. Lee sits Marcus down and rushes to Beau, but he is too late, and Beau is killed.

More than a year later, Lee has set up a surveillance system at the farm and his wife Evelyn is pregnant now, due to give birth any day. That night, Lee gets on top of one of the silos and looks through a memory box dedicated to Beau. As the sun goes down, Lee sets a fire on top of the silo to signal the other nearby residences, who in turn do the same. He later has dinner with his family.

The following day, after telling Regan to stay out of the basement and designing her a new hearing aid, he takes Marcus out on a hunt, where after catching some fish, he and Marcus discuss his feelings towards Regan, who Lee insists that he doesn't blame for the death of Beau. On their way home from the hunt, they come across an elderly man standing over his wife, who was killed by one of the creatures. Lee pleads with the man to keep quiet. However, the pain is too much to bear, and he lets out a loud scream. Lee picks up Marcus and takes cover behind a tree as a creature arrives and kills the man.

Lee and Marcus make their way back home, where they discover that Evelyn has turned on the red lights, meaning danger. Lee hands Marcus a flashlight and tells him to launch the rocket in order to lure the creatures away from the house. Armed with a loaded shotgun, Lee makes his way into the house and follows the trail of blood to the bathroom, where he finds Evelyn laying in the shower with their newborn baby boy. He then carries Evelyn and the baby back to the barn and heads underground as the child starts to cry. Lee puts an oxygen mask on the baby and places him inside a wooden crate, where his cries are muffled.

Lee returns to the surface to find Regan and Marcus. He discovers that the kids are trapped inside a grain silo and that a creature is coming for them. However, they manage to escape unharmed, and Lee embraces Regan and Marcus. However, the creature isn't far. Lee sends the kids to the abandoned truck while he grabs an axe from the tool shed. The creature slashes at Lee, leaving a large gash across his chest. The creature then begins to attack the truck with Regan and Marcus. With what little life remains in him, Lee pulls himself up and screams out loud to distract the creature from his kids, but not before signaling to Regan that he loves her and that he always has. After the creature charges towards Lee and rips him apart, Marcus takes the truck out of park, and it rolls down the hill to the house, where they run into the arms.

A Quiet Place: Part II

Lee appears in the opening sequence, which is the first day the Death Angels arrived on Earth. Lee stops at a local grocery store and picks up a few items before going to Marcus’ baseball game in the park and joins Regan and their neighbor Emmett in the stands. Suddenly, an unidentifiable object comes hurtling towards the town and the game ends abruptly. Lee and Regan make it to his truck on Main street, but he immediately exits upon noticing a squad car pull up behind them. A fellow officer of the law himself, Lee asks the officer what they’re looking at, but they’ve yet to identify exactly what they’re dealing with. Almost as if out of nowhere, one of the creatures crashes into the squad car. Lee jumps back in his truck and pulls off.

Lee and Regan notice Evelyn, Marcus, and Beau on the side of the road, but they can't help and are they’re forced to take refuge inside a local store, as being on the streets is too dangerous. Along with several other people, Lee and Regan quietly take cover. They notice two kids attempting to call their mom, but they lose cell reception. As one of the creatures passes by the shop, Lee places his hand over the mouth of a man mumbling prayers in a hushed tone. Lee and Regan are forced to flee out the back as the two teens’ cellphone rings, alerting the creature of their location, as it comes crashing through the window.

The creature follows Lee and Regan outside and down the street. They notice Evelyn, Marcus, and Beau hiding behind a flipped over squad car and runs towards them, with the creature not far behind. Fortunately, the officer from earlier begins firing rounds at the creature, which doesn’t kill it, but provides enough of a distraction for the Abbott family to escape.


Lee was an engineer, as demonstrated by his ability to assemble a complete cochlear implant processor with only a book on the human ear to guide him. He also created a lighting mechanism on the Abbott family farm that functioned as a visual alarm accessible for Regan who is deaf. He has an intricate set of systems on the farm to solve the foreseeable challenges of living in silence.