Beau Abbott

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Beau Abbot was a minor character in the 2018 film A Quiet Place and its sequel. He was portrayed by Cade Woodward.

He was the 4-year-old son of Evelyn and Lee Abbott who was tragically killed off-screen by the Death Angels after activating a toy rocket.


A Quiet Place

As his family scavenged for medications for his brother Marcus in one of Millbrook's shops, Beau finds a NASA Space shuttle toy, which he drops off the shelf, but his sister Regan catches it before it falls to the ground and makes a noise. The family find the medications and head back home. Secretly, Regan gives Beau the toy without the batteries, but when Regan turns her head, Beau puts batteries in the toy. On their way home, the family walks across the bridge. Lee hears a siren noise from behind and sees Beau with the spaceship toy. Regan is deaf, so she doesn’t hear, but she looks back to see her brother playing with the toy as the sirens go off. Lee runs towards Beau in an attempt to save his son, but proves to be too slow when a creature catches Beau. The family later makes him a memorial at the location where he died.

A Quiet Place: Part II

Beau appears in the Day 1 opening scene of the film. He was seen at his older brother's baseball game in Millbrook when the Death Angels arrived on Earth. When the Death Angels start killing the people of the town, Beau is seen his the car seat of his mother's car.

Beau's grave was seen in the present day when Evelyn places her wedding ring (signifying her marriage to Lee) on its cross.


  • In the sequel, Beau is portrayed by Dean Woodward, who is Cade Woodward's younger brother in real life. This is because Cade Woodward was turning 10.


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